Irene Flanhardt

photo credit: John Yan (Canon)

Irene gained her Bachelor of Visual Media (Fine Art) degree from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia, in 2008.

She is a photographer, painter, installation and paper-cutting artist. In December 2011, she set up Flanhardt Galerie und Atelier in Tai O Fishing Village – see her CV, photography and gallery . In April 2014, she published a photography book “The Charm of Tai O” documenting her 3 years’ work in the village.

Irene has exhibited in various venues including Hong Kong International Airport, Jao Tsung-I Academy, Consulate General of Nepal in Hong Kong, Landmark Atrium, Pacific Place, Taikoo Place, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and Tai O Heritage Hotel. Her works have also been published in numerous notable magazines, newspapers and media websites.

photo credit: Jimmy Kung (HK01)

In 2017, Irene curated a multi-media exhibition entitled “Ding Ding to Kowloon” which was a highly successful exhibition where Tram Chasers (founded by Irene) collaborated with Hong Kong Tramways and Jao Tsung-I Academy. The 1-month long exhibition attracted over 20,000 visitors and almost 70 social media to cover the event.

In 2018 and 2019, she published a book "追蹤電車24小時" (Following Trams in 24 Hours) and a photography book "風光背後" (Behind the Glamour) respectively.