Behind the Glamour 風光背後

Photography by Irene Flanhardt 攝影展覽

3 - 21 July 2017 (8 am - 9 pm)

Linkbridge, Lincoln House, Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong



In 2016-2017 Irene Flanhardt took images of five ‘Chinese operas for the Gods’ run by three troupes. These operas were held at the temporarily built theatre in Tai O Fishing Village. Backstage, performers including male and female leads were busy in their cubicles preparing for the show, with the help of their assistants. One day the temperature rose to 35 degrees Celsius! Even though perspiring profusely, they were dressed as usual in their elaborate costumes which came with several layers. They put on heavy makeup, headgear, accessories, and hair-pieces using glue. Some sat in a corner reserving their strength; some stood up practicing their lines and some gripped their prop-weapons tightly waiting to go on stage. The long and narrow corridor was full of people minding their own business. What a fascinating place filled with life and energy!

The opera troupes ran two shows a day which was immensely challenging in the heat. Flanhardt captures the tension of the cast before a performance. The entrancing series of images convey all the drama. This exhibition unveils the mysteries of the Chinese opera theatre and pays homage to the performers for their contributions to this traditional form of art. Many thanks to the opera performers especially male leads Joyce Koi Ming Fai, Lung Goon Tin, female leads Nam Fung, Ng Mei Ying, Cheng Wing Mui and Chan Wing Yee.

Irene Flanhardt 在2016-2017年走訪大澳漁村粵劇戲棚後台, 拍下來自三個戲班的五齣神功戲花絮。 在後台, 大老倌、花旦和其它演員在他們房間忙着裝身, 工作人員替他們打點。 其中一天氣温升至攝氏35度, 演員如常披上幾層戲服和頭飾, 化上厚妝, 將塗有膠水的髮邊貼到頭上, 汗水不斷地流着。 有些演員坐在一角養精蓄銳, 有些站著口中念念有詞, 有些緊握著道具兵器準備出塲。 狹窄的長廊人來人往非常熱鬧, 後台風光使人著迷。

戲班一日演出兩塲, Flanhardt 在後台以照片捕捉演員出場前的緊張狀態和氣氛。 攝影展揭起了粵劇劇院神秘面紗的一角, 並向一班為這項傳統藝術作出獻貢的演員致敬。 在此鳴謝各戲班演員配合拍攝, 特別是大老倌蓋鳴暉、 龍貫天、 花旦南鳳、吳美英、鄭詠梅和陳咏儀。


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